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Founding EMMARVEL is not a hard process.  The problems are so obvious.  Current way of learning and knowledge transfer are riddled with problems. Learn slow and quickly forget without continuity.  We believe learning can be speeded up by our visual learning and data tools.  Join our force today to make some changes together.

visual learning

Visual Learning Style

Design and structure the topic and put into practice

topic expert

Coaching by Topic Expert

Expert focus in the process of essential knowledge coaching.


Video Assistant

The flow of video is designed to assist your visual learning

instant application

Instant Applications

Our tools are developed to enable and empower your works instantly.

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    Training programs

    SEO Vital with Free Tool(Cantonese)

    SEO Vital with Free Tool(Cantonese)

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    Meet our Experts

    Learn new knowledge and unlearn bad habits with our expert team.
    River Ho-bio-2021-rec

    River Ho

    River has over 20 year experience in leading team for the large scale digital marketing campaigns for MNC. He endeavours to develop data-driven strategies for brands of different size, brings unique insights to client and team, and delivers high performance campaigns year over year. Apart from own startup, River worked in CRM marketing companies of SurfGold and HelloAsia, to manage several loyalty programs in Asia.

    Quick Facts

    e-Learning That Work

    Team formed by the industry leader in developing new learning models and data tools that meet the market's needs

    Satisfied Clients

    More than 10 years of satisfied clients to testify.

    Best Value of Time

    Lean approach to help you to prioritize the key elements to start

    Awards Winning Strategists

    Data tools developed by award-winning marketers and get you the quick wins.

    Want to Customize?

    If you like the idea, welcome to post us a message to tailor to your company or your team.


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    “Able to answer students w/ vivid examples and case studies” — Linda It is my honour to have Mr...
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